LARA Colour Couture Doll

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Our Colour Couture Dolls are modern day 'paperdolls' built to last.

Collectible wooden dolls that can be coloured in using various drawing media, & come with dresses that can be coloured in too! The end result will be a doll as unique as its owner!!

Each doll has been created from original illustrations by ABOEdesigns & even the fabric has been specially printed in gorgeous soft Kona Cotton, from original drawings too. These really are dolls made with such love & attention to detail, every element is a unique design.

The dolls, just like paper dolls, can be coloured in using various media. A range of gel pens & felt pens will give a bright, vivid outcome & cover well. For a more delicate finish coloured pencils are ideal (but please ensure the leads are soft as hard leads, or pressing too hard, could scratch your doll's surface) Layering pencil & pen is of course an option & could achieve a really detailed finish. For more confident crafters paint & even découpage can produce some stunning results too!

The Co'Co' doll once finished could be varnished to ensure she stays as perfect as the day she was coloured, however this is not a necessity; just please avoid all contact with water (liquids) to keep her in her fashionable pristine condition.

There are currently three different choices of dress to pick from - please see drop down menu to choose your preferred print.

The dresses have been especially designed to lay flat in one piece. This makes colouring easier & a much more enjoyable experience.
They simply attach with the softest Velcro at the back.
The dresses can also be used with other toys afterwards, or small soft toys. Children love to dress up their toys & how sweet that they can dress up various toys in something they have created!!

The dresses have been designed for the use of GEL PENS. Gel pens use a thick pigment ink, perfect for this craft as there is no 'bleeding' of the ink on the fabric.
We highly recommend Pilot Juice pen sets as these pens work so well, not only with zero 'bleed' on the fabric but also on our tests the ink didn't even travel through to the dress' lining!
Please see the drop down menu to add a set of these pens to your purchase.

These pens can also be used with the NEW "colour couture dolls" dolls bed & colour-in bedding.

Each doll comes beautifully packaged & includes instructions for use, a paper sample of the floral print to experiment with colours, & a fabric sample of the floral print, to ensure confidence when starting the dress.

Advisable for ages 8+

This product is made from wood which naturally can have imperfections in the grain. On receipt of your purchase should any such imperfection cause you concern please contact me for an exchange. Please note no exchanges or refunds can be given once the product has been coloured.

A Birch wood version of the doll can be created at an additional cost of £2.00 Please just message for further details.